Professional GLL 5-50 X (Bosch) Germany

It is a 360 Degree Indoor laser levelling Instrument used to level the indoor floor, install tile at the right angle, install fall ceilings in reference to other fixtures on the ground level, align vertically installed items on the opposite walls or on the same wall such as cabinets etc. It aligns installation of the top and bottom rail of the wide opening such as bi-folding door & Sliding door.

Professional GOL 32 D (Bosch) Germany

It is a 360 Degree Outdoor levelling Instrument used to level the outdoor floor and create points on the floor at different levels to create the required slope for water drainage as required on the flat roof and driveways.

Underground leak water detector HG-10-A II (Fuji Tecom) Japan

It is an instrument that detects the water leak point in the underground pipeline with the help of ultra-sonic waves without any destruction. 

600 V Cat III Digital Multimeter with Temperature and Frequency 17B+ (Fluke) USA.

Pocket size Digital Multimeter MAS830 Series (Mastech) Hong Kong These are highly accurate multimeters used to check the voltage supply & temperature while installation of home atomization system and normal electrical wiring.

Thermal Infrared Camera B 40 (Flir) USA

It is a Thermal infrared camera that is used to check the moisture level in the subfloor or wall before applying another coat of material, it detects area affected by the water leakage, it detects the area where the loss of cooling and heating is in the room, it also detects the fault in the electrical panel by showing the heated wire.

Professional GLM 50 C (Bosch) Germany

It is a laser measuring instrument with blue tooth connectivity to the digital floor plan so that the dimensions of the existing build can be taken accurately before starting the design work for renovation.